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José Juan Sordo Madaleno de Haro

Vice President

José Juan Sordo Madaleno de Haro was born in Mexico City in 1986. His interest economics, administration, and finances led him to study Financial Administration at the Tec de Monterrey. He is Vice President of SOMA, the evolution of Grupo Sordo Madaleno.

As a result of his financial acumen and wide-ranging, fresh vision of real estate development, since 2010 he has driven the company to position itself as a leading firm in the real estate sector in Mexico. Since 2013, he has introduced different international brands to the national market, changing the dynamics and experience in the retail industry. In 2021, he managed to consolidate the launch of FibraSOMA in Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA). FibraSOMA is a Real Estate Investment Trust focused on the acquisition, leasing, and management of for-lease properties in Mexico, with approximately $85 billion Mexican pesos in assets under management and a strong portfolio strategically located in regions with growing economic activity.

Among his diverse range of daily responsibilities, José Juan is in charge of the financial and real estate health of the developments belonging to SOMA,as well as the operation, development, and acquisition of the group’s properties, allocating the resources required to coordinate and guide the growing trajectory of the company. He is currently involved in SOMA’s largest and most ambitious real estate developments, including the mixed-use development Reforma-Colón, Expansión Antara y Park Hyatt Mexico City, among others.