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Mexico City. Retail. Mixed-Use.

Antara was, without doubt, the engine behind the development of the “New Polanco” district in Mexico City. Before it opened its doors, this zone was abandoned to factories, warehouses, and horizontal housing. When Antara banked on creating a new city center with high-level offices, retail and entertainment. It set the standard for the growth of the zone, together with the style of the new buildings. This real estate development contributed to the overall urban improvement of the region, with new housing, offices, and retail spaces. It also led to significant changes and improvements to the surrounding road network.

Year Built 2006
Construction Area 231,190 sqm
GLA Total 48,952 sqm

Annual Visitors 12,695,272
Number of Stores 134
Occupancy 96%

Antara  offers a unique, open-air space with a balance between glamor and style where shopping becomes a special experience. Antara seeks to offer the highest quality of life, with an exclusive pedestrian walkway presenting premier luxury brand stores and an offering that reflects the latest trends in fashion for men, women, and children. In addition, there is a large variety of restaurants, bars, night clubs, cinemas, and interior design stores.

The great success of Antara is due to the combination of various factors, but above all due to its innovative design, which breaks with every paradigm for traditional, high-class shopping malls. As the first open-air mall in Mexico City, it represents a watershed in the commercial design industry.

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Corporativo Antara II SOMA

Contact Information

Facebook: @AntaraMx

Instagram: @antara_mx

Twitter: @AntaraMx


Property Director:

Ricardo Salazar

Property Director:

Cinthia Reyes


Avenida Ejército Nacional 843-B, Col. Granada, Miguel Hidalgo, 11520, CDMX