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Fundación Arte Abierto

Artz Pedregal, Mexico City.

Create and disseminate cultural projects and specific works of art through the implementation of an ambitious, comprehensive and innovative model that takes as a starting point the physical conditions of the architectural complexes belonging to SOMA Group. Our model involves the interaction and participation of diverse audiences in order to promote new ways of approaching contemporary arts and culture.

Arte Abierto SOMA
Fundación Arte Abierto - Troika - SOMA

We create and educate new audiences for contemporary art and culture in Mexico. We also carry out, promote, investigate, encourage and disseminate, with the media at your disposal, all kinds of activities related to contemporary art and culture. We establish an open learning space through the positive experience provided by art and culture, helping to enrich and unveil open processes of art from a present perspective.

What makes us unique and different is a cultural management model that, through new readings and approaches to art, seeks to approach diverse audiences to stimulate learning and creative experiences beyond the specialized fields of museums and galleries.

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Fundación Arte Abierto - Luz flotante - SOMA